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This is a cartridge converter unit kit used to convert Civil War Era black powder  
cap and ball revolvers to metallic rim or center file cartridge revolvers and reduces
the revolver's caliber to .22 caliber rim fire or .32 caliber center fire.  If so
desired, the gun can fire balls again by removing the conversion kit from the
gun.  No restrictions.  It can be used safely without restriction in brass frame
or steel frame, open top or solid frame revolvers.  It is not restricted to fire low
pressure cowboy ammunition.  Can be used any economy .22 caliber rim fire
or .32 caliber center fire ammo.  It is a drop-in system meaning that the gun to
be converted needs no alternations in order to install the coversion unit.  No tools
required to install the kit except for open-top revolver which needs a screwdriver
to loosen the barrel wedge screw.

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and 7,562,478
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